Expert Testimony


For plaintiff and defense counsel regarding employer efforts to prevent harassment, discrimination, and retaliation in the workplace.

Workplace Investigations

Julie has spent decades conducting and guiding workplace investigations. She has conducted workplace investigation training for in-house Human Resources executives and serves as faculty for the Association of Workplace Investigators’ accredited training Institutes. She was among the first investigators to attain AWI-CH (certificate holder) status through AWI's accredited examination process. Julie is well-qualified to consult/testify as to the adequacy of workplace investigations and employer response.

Training Programs

Through long experience creating harassment, discrimination, and retaliation training programs and providing training to thousands of trainees, Julie has ample experience to consult/testify regarding the adequacy of employer harassment, discrimination, and retaliation training programs.

Employer Policies

Given her law firm, in-house and EquiLaw experience, and years of drafting, implementing, and training regarding various employer anti-harassment, discrimination, and retaliation policies, Julie has the knowledge to consult/testify concerning employer anti-harassment, discrimination, and retaliation policies.

Julie welcomes you to download her CV/professional biography. Please be aware that Julie does not agree to be utilized as an expert by any party absent her express written agreement and retention pursuant to an executed mutual agreement.