Client feedback about Julie’s Investigation Skills

"A few folks have stopped by my office today. They were very complimentary about you. They really appreciated your sensitivity and the way you handled this matter."

"I think your presence here actually calmed the situation down. You got in and out without ruffling feathers." 

 "Thank you for your thorough work. I appreciate your style, candor and ethics. I hope we will not be hiring you any time soon but I will certainly recommend you if asked."

"Our [decision-makers] were very, very impressed with your thoroughness as well as your ability to convey the facts and conclusions concisely, even though there was an enormous amount of information for you to get through. Thank you...so very much, it was very helpful."

"I found Julie to be incredibly professional, thorough, and fair. More importantly, the witnesses she interviewed, some of whom were senior executives, made the point of telling me how much they appreciated her approach and her interviewing skills. She made many of the witnesses very comfortable as they discussed a difficult matter. It was clear to me and others that her final report was the product of a careful and thoughtful investigation.  I have worked with many investigators in my career and found her to be one of the best I have worked with."

Information gathered in the course of the preparing or processing of investigative consumer reports is disclosed only pursuant to agreement with our clients, at our clients' direction, or as required by law.

Client feedback about Julie’s Training Skills

"Julie was very charismatic…a good speaker."
"Julie listens and connects with the audience."
"Upbeat delivery."
"She was great."
"…Okay, okay, I admit it - I was recalcitrant. In fact, I dreaded it.  But Julie was terrific. She led a roomful of skeptical attorneys and paralegals through the thicket of sexual harassment guidelines, ably fielded our intentionally difficult hypotheticals, made us rethink how others might perceive our well-intended jokes, and even made us laugh at our prickly selves. Her presentation to the staff was equally well-received. We wouldn't hesitate to use Julie again."

Client feedback about Julie’s Training Program

"Left a lasting impression…strong message, by being enjoyable and leading those taking the course to fully participate."
"Wonderful. Thank you for a professional and educational training."
"Content was excellent."
"…concrete examples…interactive…"
"Open discussion."
"Practical examples."
"Detailed explanations of the gray areas."
"Clarified the law and company policy."
"I just wanted to pass along everyone’s thanks for the training you provided this week. I speak for everyone when I say we really learned a lot, and had a good time doing so."